August 17, 2019

Distracted Driving


When leaving your home and traveling anywhere; even just down the street, driving safely and avoiding being distracted requires the utmost attention to the road and surrounding area. Most distractions are avoidable, and there are many ways to remove any distractions and focus on driving.

Here are a list of things to prevent driving distracted.

  • Focus on driving fully and examine the road ahead for traffic, pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Find ways to store any loose items that way they won’t fall to the floor.
  • Make sure everything is ready before leaving. If using a GPS make sure destination is set; also ensure mirrors and seat are adjusted correctly.
  • Do all your dressing and grooming before you leave your home, not while you are traveling.
  • Try to eat before you leave or stop to eat. If you have to eat while on the road pick things that are not messy or difficult to manage.
  • Make sure children are secure before leaving and if they need your attention while underway pull over and care for them.
  • Put away any electronic devices whether handheld or wireless. If they need to be used pull over and use them then.
  • To keep you distraction free ask your passengers to help out.
  • Pull over for any activity that needs done to ensure that full attention is on driving.
  • Keep full attention on driving, if anything needs to be done other than driving either do it before leaving or pull over.

    Thanks to the AAA Exchange for their information on distracted driving.

    For more information about distracted driving visit Driving Statistics.

    For some additional Information check out Auto Volo’s World Road Traffic Accidents informational website.

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