March 21, 2019

Driving in Strong Winds


Now that Spring is here the strong winds are making it difficult for drivers.  Now is the time to especially be careful while driving whether you drive a large vehicle or a small vehicle.

Anytime when driving around large truck drivers make sure to give them room to maneuver.  Many of these truck drivers know how to drive in strong winds, but it is still safer to give them plenty of space in case if they swerve into another lane due to the high winds.

When driving in strong winds it is a good idea to drive slower and to keep your eyes open.  Driving slower helps give the driver enough time to view their surroundings.  This gives the driver a chance to examine the road and the sides of the road for debris or potential debris that could blow into the path.

Wind direction can be a big problem depending on where it is coming from.  If it is a side wind those can be dangerous enough to blow the vehicle off the road. If these kinds of winds happen while driving make sure to turn the wheel only slightly against the wind to make corrections.  Do not panic and turn the wheel quickly or sharply, only make smooth and gentle corrections.  When driving in head or tail wind they won’t affect driving very much. The most that might happen is speeding up or slowing down due to the wind.  You will either have to accelerate or slow down depending on where the wind is affecting the vehicle.

The best thing to do in bad weather is to stay home and only go out if needed.  If traveling in bad weather or the potential for bad weather is always best to keep a fully charged cell phone, dry clothes, or a blanket on the trip.

We would like to thank and for their information and safety tips for driving in high winds.

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