July 18, 2019

Sun Safety


Summer is just around the corner and we all need to use caution while being outside to avoid being burned and other harmful effects. The suns UV rays can damage skin in as little as fifteen minutes! Here are some tips to help keep your family safe during these spring and summer months.

Seek shade under a tree, umbrella, or building this can help reduce getting skin damage or skin cancer especially before the need to find relief from the sun. When wearing sunscreen use a minimum of SPF 15 before going outside and have someone help put sunscreen on those hard to reach places.  Sunscreen is still the best to protect yourself other than having a protective layer of clothing.  If you decide to wear protective clothing pick ones that are made from a tightly woven fabric. Wear long sleeve shirts and long pants for best protection and darker clothing offers more UV protection compared to lighter colors. If at all possible wear a hat when outside that has the full brim that goes all the way around, and made out of darker tightly woven fabrics like canvas to best protect from the sun.

Thanks to the CDC website on Sun Safety.

Watch Skin Safety for more information, thanks to PACTVCommunityNews for the Video.

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