Electronic Collection Fees

The SLV Landfill is a “Collection Location” for the Recycling of Electronic Components. Electronic devices are accepted at the SLV Landfill for a per item recycle-fee. The fees collected are used to offset the recycling and transportation costs to a certified E-Waste Recycle Facility in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Law prohibits the disposal of computer and other electronic equipment in Colorado Landfills. Be sure to combine your electronics into one area in your vehicle/trailer for the scale operator to inspect. Everyone bringing electronics to be recycled will need to separate the electronics into designated bins located on the east side of the shop. Electronic waste is anything with a plug or circuit board such as computers, monitors, printers, TV’s and small appliances. (Excluding major appliances).

TV’s & Monitors 1″ to 29″ (Measured across the top, not diagonal)$25 each
TV’s & Monitors 30″ and up (Measured across the top, not diagonal)$45 each
TV’s, Large (Cabinet, Projector, Console etc.)$75 each
Ipads, Notebooks
**Personal Information Waiver Required
$5 each
Complete Computer Towers, Servers and Laptops
MUST be complete, only the hard drive(s) can be missing.
**Personal Information Waiver Required

Computer Peripherals
Printers, Scanners, Fax, Small Office Electronics
$5 each
Misc. Computer Peripherals
Mice, Keyboards, Power Cords,
Cables, Computer Speakers
Household Electronics
DVD, VCR, CD Players, Stereo,
Video Game Stations,
Television Receivers, Cameras
**Microwaves are to be disposed of into the metal bin
$2 each

Electronic Fees are in addition to the calculated weight/cubic yard costs.

*Contact the Landfill Office if you have a large quantity of components to recycle.