The facility currently works with different outlets to recycle as much waste as possible such as steel, tires and electronics, bale twine and green waste.  Currently with the Senate Bill 12-133 the facility can no longer receive any electronic equipment as of July 1st 2013.  Therefore the facility will be  sending customers to a recycler for electronic equipment which is anything that uses electricity except any type of refrigeration equipment which must be properly decommissioned with certification and red tagged before disposal.  The office has a handout on electronic items that can’t be accepted at the landfill.  The facility is also restricted from taking any type of hazardous waste that would need to be discarded such as car batteries, hazardous chemicals and no liquids.  Currently the landfill is accepting DIY oil from home owners in small sealed containers.  The landfill has reduced green waste and it was used to control the trash containment in the cell area.  Bale twine has been shipped out to a recycle facility east of Fort Collins.  The twine is pelletized then used to manufacture various plastic products.  Currently the landfill is working with MDS on single stream recycling box located at the landfill. This is in addition to the work Alamosa has done at the Ricky Recycling location which also ships out product that doesn’t end up in the local landfill.

Waste Diversion Totals for 2020
Bale Twine 8 tons
Metal 79 tons
Single Stream Recycling 24 tons
Green Waste 214 tons
Household Batteries 437 Pounds

Twine Recycling Locations

Monte Vista Co-op

1901 US HWY 160

Monte Vista, CO 81144

SLV Regional Landfill

1600 County Rd 44

Monte Vista, CO 81144

Big R of Alamosa

148 Craft Drive

Alamosa, CO 81101

For more information about recycling bailing twine; click here.

Paint Recycling Locations

Monte Vista Co-op

1901 US Highway 160

Monte Vista, CO 81144

Sherwin Williams

200 Craft Drive

Alamosa, CO 81101

Paint Care

Electronic Recycling

WSB Computer Services

21 Craft Drive

Alamosa, CO 81101

WSB Recycling – Electronic Recycling

Grocery Bag Recycling


1200 2nd Ave

Monte Vista, CO 81144

All grocery bags must be clean! for more locations click here

Bulb Recycling

Recycling at the Landfill:

DIY Motor Oil (Leak proof containers) cellphones, cellphone batteries, household batteries (AA, AAA, 9 volts, 6 volts) batteries with exposed wiring please tape top and bottom of batteries, Rechargeable tool batteries, Bailing Twine, and CFL light bulbs.


Waste Tire Collection Facility

New state regulation requires transporters with 10 or more tires to have a permit from the state.

Click here if you need to register as a waste tire hauler/facility.

Click here for a link to the form to fill out as a waste tire hauler/facility.

The SLVRSWA is one of the few landfills in the state that is registered as a collection facility to accept discarded tires.  The landfill follows strict regulations for the collection of waste tires.  The facility can only  collect and hold 7,500 tires until they must be disposed of properly.  Then the process is to ship them out or shred them for ADC (Alternative Daily Cover). This can be a costly process depending how the tires are treated.

Waste Tire Facility/End User