Special Wastes and Demolition Debris requirements:

  • A Waste Generator Packet along with Test Results must be submitted to the Landfill Manager at least 24 hours for approval prior to hauling into the SLV Landfill.
  • Upon approval, notification of at least 24 hours prior to hauling is required for preparation for incoming Special Wastes and Asbestos Debris.
  • All trailer and dump bed loads need to check-in before 30 minutes before closing.
  • It is preferred that Special Wastes and Asbestos debris is hauled with end dump trailers instead of side dump trailers.

In order to fill out the information in the documents, it must be downloaded and saved to the computer.  Adobe Reader is necessary in order to view and fill in documents.

Download “Waste Generators Profile Packet”

Generator-Waste-Profile-Packet.pdf – Downloaded 9900 times – 627.18 KB

Download “Waste Characterization Acceptance Plan 09-19-22”

Waste-Characterization-Acceptance-Plan-09-19-22.pdf – Downloaded 10561 times – 691.39 KB

Download “Hazardous Waste Fact Sheet 08-17-20”

Hazardous-Waste-Fact-Sheet-08-17-20.pdf – Downloaded 11410 times – 88.16 KB

Download “Special Waste Flowchart 08-22-14”

Flowchart-08-22-14.pdf – Downloaded 10800 times – 81.86 KB

Download “Special Waste Manifest 08-17-20”

Special-Waste-Manifest-08-17-20.pdf – Downloaded 11096 times – 50.31 KB

Download “Triple Rinsed Containers 09-19-22”

Triple-Rinsed-Containers-09-19-22.pdf – Downloaded 11001 times – 133.02 KB