Fees for Services (Effective January 1, 2022)

Accepted payments: Cash, Local Checks (only with ID), and Credit Cards. Credit/Debit cards will have a service charge of 1.6%+.25 of based purchase.
ALL LOADS MUST BE COVERED OR SECURED. We will charge $25.00 for the first offense and $50.00 for the second offense or DOUBLE the fee of the load whichever is more for loads not in compliance per SLV Regional Solid Waste Authority!
SLV Regional Solid Waste Authority Renovation and Demolition Requirements
State of Colorado Renovations and Demolition Packet State of Colorado Asbestos Inspectors
Regulation 8 Part B
On October 16, 2019, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission adopted revisions to Colorado Regulation No. 8, Part B, which clarified the requirements for single-family residential dwellings. Therefore, as of October 17, 2019, single-family residential dwellings are once again subject to all applicable asbestos requirements under Colorado Regulation No. 8, Part B. This includes inspection, permitting and abatement requirements.
Household Trash (Measured L×W×H/27×4.50) $5.00 Per Cubic Yard
Construction Debris $5.50 Per Cubic Yard
Barrels and Trash Cans           Open Burn FAQ $3.00 Each
Carload: $5.75 Each
Yard Trash $2.75 Per Cubic Yard
Single Stream Recycling          Regulations Info $4.90 Per Cubic Yard
Waste Diversion Branches $2.50 Per Cubic Yard
Dead Animals
Small Animals $3.50 Each
Large Animals $17.25 Each
Car and Pickup Tires $3.60 Per Tire
Truck Tires $11.35 Per Tire
Tractor Tires $23.00 Per Tire
No more than NINE tires can be accepted per load.
Commercial Haulers
Uncompacted Trash (1 Ton Minimum) $24.75 Per Ton
Compacted Trash (1 Ton Minimum) $18.80 Per Ton
Single Stream Recycling (1 Ton Minimum)  Regulations Info $24.75 Per Ton
Waste Diversion Branches (1 Ton Minimum) $24.75 Per Ton
For tire rates for commercial please see tire details above.
Special Waste
Please note that the landfill does charge a daily immediate cover fee of $97.00. 24-hour notification is required before the material is brought in to the landfill. Please call the landfill for more details.
Asbestos $36.00 per Ton
Friable Asbestos $50.00 per Ton
Equipment Fee (Commercial Vehicles)
Unloading Fee $95.00 Per Load