Fees for Services

Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Local Checks (with ID) and Debit/Credit Cards. Card payments have an additional fee of a $2.00 minimum, or 2.95% for amounts over $68.00. The additional fee charged is not SLVRWSA proceeds, rather the convenience fee charged by the credit card company.

Scale Operator determines if material is charged by the cubic yard or ton. Scale Operator has the right to refuse any or all trash (such as electronics, TV’s, refrigerator/freezers/ac units)

Uncovered or Unsecured Trash Will Be Charge Double – Colorado Revised Statues, Section 5 – Criminal Code: 18-4-511 Littering on Public or Private Property. Includes State and County Roads. Avoid the ticket and fine, secure and cover while traveling

A complete list of current Landfill Rates can be viewed here: http://slvlandfill.com/?p=3032

Cost Estimator: Find the cost below for the type of material you have to dispose of. Estimate the cubic yard costs with estimate charts http://slvlandfill.com/?page_id=739



Household Trash (Measured L×W×H/27× CY rate) $6.75 Per Cubic Yard
Mattresses/Box Springs – all sizes (An additional Handling Fee will be added onto the calculated weight or cubic yard charge) for each mattress/box spring $8.00 each
Residential Construction Debris ( Effective Jan. 2, 2023, all incoming loads containing any concrete, stucco, tree stumps, roofing, or dirt must use the scales and return to the scale house to weight back after disposal. A credit card or driver’s license will be obtained at the time of weigh-in and will be returned at time of weight back and payment.) $7.50 Per Cubic Yard
Barrels and Trash Cans           Open Burn FAQ $4.50 Each
Carload (Price includes: 3’x3’x9’= 3 CY. Packed Carloads will be measured) $8.00 Each
Yard Waste (weeds, branches, grass clippings) $3.60 Per Cubic Yard
Single Stream Recycling $ 6.50 Per Barrel
Waste Diversion Branches (not contaminated with trash) $3.00 Per Cubic Yard
Small Animals $5.25 Each
Large Animals $25.75 Each
Car, ATV and Pickup Tires $5.75 Per Tire
Car, ATV and Pickup Tires on Rim $7.75 Per Tire
Semi Truck, Sprinkler Tires $18.35 Per Tire
Tractor Tires $36.75 Per Tire
10 ore more tires brought in at one time require completion of Waste Tire Form. Semi, Sprinkler and Tractor Tires still on the rim are not accepted
Commercial Haulers
Uncompacted Trash (1 Ton Minimum) $33.00 Per Ton
Compacted Trash (1 Ton Minimum) $19.36 Per Ton
Single Stream Recycling (1 Ton Minimum)  Regulations Info $33.00 Per Ton
Waste Diversion Branches (1 Ton Minimum) $33.00 Per Ton
For tire rates for commercial please see tire details above.
Special Waste
SLV Regional Solid Waste Authority Renovation and Demolition Requirements. Regulation 8 Part B – October 16, 2019, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission adopted revisions to Colorado Regulation No.8, Part B, which clarified the requirements for single-family residential dwellings. Therefore, as of October 17, 2019, single-family residential dwellings are once again subject to all applicable asbestos requirements under Colorado Regulation No.8, Part B. This includes inspection, permitting and abatement requirements.
Asbestos (test results required) $100.00 per Ton
Friable Asbestos (test results required) $100.00 per Ton
Immediate Cover Fee – Note the SLV Landfill charges a immediate cover fee for special wastes. A 24-hour notification is required before the material is brought to the landfill. Please call 719-852-3810 for more information. $100.00 each
Equipment Fee (Commercial Vehicles)
Unloading Fee $95.00 Per Load

State Of Colorado Permitting: https://cdphe.colorado.gov/indoor-air-quality/asbestos/notification-and-permits

State Of Colorado Asbestos Consulting Firms: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_Cnbqxf2sUXD3ziuhLiDmeWZF-nR9o9_/edit#gid=1615422841h