Landfill Policies

  • All loads must be covered and secure or will be charged double.
  • All vehicles are required to stop at the office.
  • Please wait in line in your vehicle and pull forward to the office as the line proceeds.
  • Vehicles with heavy materials (concrete, bricks, stucco, dirt, roofing, tree stumps must use the scale on the right
  • Speed limit is 15 MPH on site. Stay on designated roads, do not pass other vehicles.
  • Use the strap and tarp removal area to remove tarps and straps before entering the unloading area. This area should be used to roll-up tarps and securing ties.
  • Please yield to all landfill equipment.
  • Be aware of on-coming traffic and trash trucks exiting the scale on the right.
  • Pets and Children under 10 must remain in the vehicle.
  • Tires and mattress/box springs are an additional fee.
  • No smoking, open flames or hot ashes.
  • Do not dispose of hazardous waste into the landfill. This includes metal, auto batteries, motor oil, paints, pesticides, flammable liquids, electronics and appliances with Freon.
  • We provide metal bins for metal item (which are not allowed in the landfill ) to be sorted into.
  • For Safety and Health SCAVENGING is prohibited.
  • Burn barrels must be cold and unloaded several feet from the working face.
  • All vehicles/trailers need to back in and unload trash from the back allowing room for other vehicles to park.
  • We cannot assist in unloading.
  • All vehicles are subject to random inspections.
  • All Landfill Staff have the right to refuse any or all trash loads.
  • Solid waste only: no liquid paint, motor oil, metal, hazardous materials, or vehicle batteries.
    WARNING: Transporting any unauthorized Hazardous Waste to this facility for disposal is prohibited by law. Violators are subject to civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Prohibited Wastes

-Hazardous waste
-Radioactive waste
-Electronics can be recycled for a fee
-Vehicle Batteries
-Appliances that are not Red Tagged for Freon Removal (Freezers, Refrigerators, Air Conditioning Units)
-Toxic, corrosive, reactive and Ignitable waste including Cannabis Waste
-Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) waste
-Waste containing free moving liquids
-Cathode ray tubes (CRTs), Central processing units

We are currently charging a fee to recycle tv’s and electronics.
– Effective July 1st 2013 no electronic item of any kind will be accepted at the landfill as determined by Senate bill 12-133 and defined by – – –Regulation pursuant to Sections 1.2 and 16.5 of 6 CCR 1007-2, Part 1.