Operating Board

Board Meetings are held monthly at the San Luis Valley Regional Landfill Office. Contact the Landfill Manager if you would like to request to be included on the Agenda at a future meeting.

Gene Glover, Chairman – Rio Grande County

Robert Vance, Vice Chairman – City of Monte Vista

Dixie Diltz – Rio Grande County

Harry Reynolds – City of Alamosa

Vern Heersink – Alamosa County

Board Meeting Agenda

A meeting of the SLVRSWA Board is scheduled for November 21, 2023 at 8:30 at the Landfill Office. Board Meeting Agenda Items:

  • Call Meeting to Order
  • Additions and/or corrections to the Agenda
  • Additions and/or corrections to the October 17th Board Meeting Minutes
  • Additions and/or corrections to the November 7th Special Board Meeting Minutes
  • Amy Garoutte – 2024 Preliminary Budget
  • Updates and/or changes to the Preliminary Budget
  • 2024 Equipment Purchases
  • Approval – 2024 Preliminary Budget
  • Accounts Payable, Online Payments and Payroll for October
  • Bank Statement and Check Register
  • Certificates of Deposit and Savings Report
  • Waste Works Accounts Receivable Report
  • Profit and Loss Budget YTD
  • Monthly Income and Tonnage Comparison – Oct. 2022 vs Oct. 2023
  • Letter from the IRS
  • Landfill Manager News
  • 2024 Rate Approval
  • Approve Holiday Schedule for 2024, Christmas Bonus Checks, Christmas Party Information
  • Executive Session
  • Next Meeting Date
  • Adjournment