Services & Fees

Payment Type Accepted: Cash, Local Checks (with ID) and Debit/Credit Cards. Card payments will have an additional fee of a $2.00 minimum, or 2.95% for amounts over $68.00. The additional fee charged is not SLVRWSA proceeds, rather the convenience fee charged by the credit card company
Scale Operator determines if material is charged by the cubic yard or ton. Scale Operator has the right to refuse any or all trash.

Cost Estimator: Useful to help with estimating Cubic Yards. Click here to view the charts.

Senate Bill 12-133 (effective July 1, 2013) does not allow our facility to accept electronic’s of any kind (TV’s, computers, monitors, printers, etc.) Additional Hazardous Waste Items refrigerator/freezer/ac units (that are not properly decommissioned), hazardous liquid and dry chemicals, paint, car batteries, motor oil and metals are not allowed be to disposed of per the State of Colorado at the San Luis Valley Regional Solid Waste Authority.

The SLV Regional Solid Waste Authority is conducting a trial for Electronic Waste Collecting for the recycling of electronic components. For more information and fee schedule click here

For a Fee, a Recycle Bin from MDS Waste is available on-site for household cardboard, plastics, newspapers, etc. (packing peanuts and plastic grocery bags cannot be recycled). For a full list of recyclables, visit our recycling partner’s web site:

Metal recycling bins are available on-site for you to sort and recycle household metals such as bar-b-que’s, bed frames, swing sets, bikes, metal pipe, wire, etc. Metal items cannot be disposed of into the SLV Landfill.

We recycle motor oil in non-returnable, leak proof containers, and bailing twine. Bring your used motor oil in non-returnable, leak-proof containers. Set the containers in the sink (do not poor down the sink), on the south side of the shop.

We also recycle CFL light bulbs, alkaline batteries (AA, AAA, 6 volt, 9 volt), cell phones, cell phone batteries and tool batteries. Drop these items off at the office.

Uncovered or Unsecured Trash Will Be Charged Double – Colorado Revised Statues, Section 5 – Criminal Code: 18-4-511 Littering on Public or Private Property. Includes State and County RoadsAvoid the ticket and fine, secure and cover while traveling

2023 Landfill Rates

ResidentialPrice/Unit MeasureNotes
Household Trash**$ 6.75 /CY Measured
Barrels, Trash Cans$ 4.50 /EAEqual 3 Large Black Bags
Car Load (3x3x2) = 2 CY$ 8.00 /2 CY MeasuredPacked cars will be measured
Household Demo$ 7.50 /CY MeasuredNo Concrete, Stucco, Dirt, Roofing, Stumps
Construction: Roofing$ 33.00 /1 Ton MinimumAsphalt, Shake, Tile
Heavy Materials$ 33.00 /1 Ton MinimumConcrete, Bricks, Cinder Blocks, Stumps, Dirt
Yard Waste (No Trash)$ 3.60 /CY MeasuredWeeds, Branches, Grass Clippings Only
WD Branches$ 3.00 /CY MeasuredNot contaminated with trash
SS Recycling /Car Load$ 6.50 /CY
SS Recycling /Barrel$ 6.50 /EA
**Mattress/Box Springs Fee$ 8.00 /EAIn adddition to the weight/cubic yard fee
Compacted Trash$19..36 /1 Ton Min.
Un-compacted Household $33.00 /1 Ton Min.
Un-compacted Construction$33.00 /1 Ton Min.
SS Recycling$33.00 /1 Ton Min.
Yard Waste$33.00 /1 Ton Min.
Branches$33.00 /1 Ton Min.
Special Waste (Hydro)$33.00 /1 Ton Min.Call to schedule
Special Waste* (Contaminated Soil)$33.00 /1 Ton Min.Soil Testing Required
Special Waste* Asbestos Friable$99.00/1 Ton Min.Asbestos Testing Results Required
Special Waste* Asbestos Non-Friable$33.00 /1 Ton Min.Asbestos Testing Results Required
Special Waste: Immediate Cover*$100.00 /EA24 Hour Notification Required
Tire TypeRateNotes
Car, Pickup, ATV Tire$ 5.75 Per Tire
Car, Pickup, ATV Tire on Rim$ 7.75 Per Tire
Semi Truck, Sprinkler Tire$ 18.15 Per Tire
Tractor Tire$ 36.75 Per Tire
*Semi, Sprinkler, Tractor Tire on Rimnot accepted
Misc. FeesRateNotes:
Deceased Small Animal$ 5.25 /EA
Deceased Large Animal$ 25.75 /EA
Mobile Homes$1200.00 EAMay Require Asbestos Testing
Trailer Late Fee$25.00 /EATrailer Arrival After 4:00 Deadline
Metal Fee**$150.00 Per Occurrence**Fee Increments $25 Each Offense