January 18, 2019

Project Phasing

Currently the facility continues to work on future expansion of the site. With phases one thru seven being completed to the extent of being full to mid-level and capped with intermediate cover. The filling of phase eight started early in the year of 2014 which will last for several years. At this time with the operation of filling phase eight excavation has already started. For phase nine the excavation has started and future growth into phase ten will be started at a later date. The site has been surveyed and engineered for future growth up through cell 12 which will be many years into the future. Total cell sites will be 12 once the digging is complete.

The site operates under strict rules and regulations as set by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and EPA. This information is sent to the state on a regular basis. The facility also works with a consulting service which is Golder Associates who specialize in solid waste sites. Golder has been the site consultant since the inception of the project.


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