November 20, 2019

Camping Safety Tips


Summer is coming to an end but there is still time to go out and enjoy the summer and fall before it gets too cold. Camping is a wonderful activity to take the family or friends on but here are some tips to help keep your time out safe for everyone.

First know who is going camping with you and what their interests and their physical abilities are. Pick a location where all who are going will enjoy their time outdoors. With their physical abilities will determine how you will be camping from using a camper to a tent. Plan your trip from where you will be going, what time of the year, how difficult it is to get to the camping spot and how long the camping trip will be to know how much food and clothing will be needed. Make sure the proper equipment is brought from bear proof coolers, lights, insulation like a tarp or space blanket, and first aid kit.

Once the location is chosen be sure to check any regulations or requirements to camp at that location. Be sure to check if there are any permits needed to camp whether at a national park or any other location. Always check for any fire regulations in the area to know what kind of fire you can have in that location. When having a campfire be sure to keep an eye on children and pets; be sure they are staying a safe distance away from the fire. If cooking on the fire be sure to use tools with long enough handles (insulated handles are better) to keep you safe from the fire. When putting out the fire be sure to douse it with plenty of water even when going to bed. If there is no water use a long poker to spread the coals out and mix with dirt or sand but don’t put too much on at once; because the coals can stay hot for a long time if buried, continue to mix until the coals have cooled down enough.

Always have an emergency plan just in case if any problems arise whether big or small. First of all ask a family member or friend to be an emergency contact and be sure to leave them your itinerary of where you are going and how long you will be gone. Ensure they know what vehicle you are taking including the Make, Model, Color and license plate number. If the camping trip is more of a hike whether it is five miles or a thousand miles be sure you plan out when you will get in contact with them or have a potential emergency contact number they can call if you are not returning on schedule. Also make sure to have an emergency plan for yourself in case if you or someone else in your party gets hurt or lost.

Be sure to keep yourself safe while camping. Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated during the trip. Be aware of the weather and any future forecasts of the area and keep an eye out for any flash floods, lightning, and rock slides. Bring sunscreen and bug spray to keep the UV rays and the bugs off. Be sure to pack plenty of clothing so you can dress in layers if the temperature drops down too much and to stay dry. Be sure to take boots they help give sturdier footing and helps to avoid twisting an ankle. Be aware of the wildlife! Do not feed any wild animals be sure to view them from a distance and avoid attracting any wildlife to the campsite by making sure food is in airtight containers and are out of reach of animals. Do not store food inside the tent!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and enjoy your camping trip.
For more information please check out the National Park Service’s Website.

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